dont trust the b airing online abc ABC to air remaining 'Don't Trust The B    ' episodes onlineThe good news? The eight remaining unaired episodes of canceled comedy “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” will see the light of day. The bad news? ABC’s dumping them online.

Head “B—-” in charge, Krysten Ritter, shared the news with the world on Wednesday (April 17), saying that the final episodes will make their way to iTunes, Hulu and ABC’s website on May 17.

It’s a sad ending for a clever show that never found its footing in the Alphabet network’s comedy lineup. Premiering mid-season in the spring of 2012 in the plum post-“Modern Family” slot, “Don’t Trust the B—-” seemed out of place among the night’s family comedies. In the fall of 2012, ABC paired the show with its other critically-beloved, yet little-watched comedy, “Happy Endings,” on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m., an hour crowded with comedy competition from FOX and NBC. Both shows floundered and were quickly yanked from the lineup.

“Happy Endings” has been allowed to finish out its season, currently burning off episodes two at a time in a Friday night graveyard slot, while the network ignored “Don’t Trust the B—-” altogether. Until now, that is.

Still, the online dump of these final episodes is better than nothing. Just ask fans of ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” — if you can find any.

Posted by:Billy Nilles