josephfiennes flashforward 290 ABC's 'FlashForward': Seth MacFarlane and a kangaroo

It was, apparently, a day like any other, and then people had a two minute and seventeen second vision of what was going to happen to them in about 6 months, or, what we now call a “FlashForward,” because, you know, that’s the title of the show. It’s also the title of the novel the show is based on, even if outside of the name and the whole seeing the future thing the two have little in common. Clearly I won’t be using the novel as crib notes this season.

Some may argue that it wasn’t really an average day for Demetri and Mark, mostly because their case against the possible terrorists had finally gotten exciting. But seriously, a terrorist case versus everyone in the world having a vision of the future, you tell me what’s interesting and what isn’t. And the same is true for Bryce’s contemplating suicide – a sad thing to be sure, but less interesting than him seeing the future. Plus, let’s net forget that Mark and Demetri got their terrorists and Bryce didn’t commit suicide.

What I really wonder about is why Charlie, the little girl, thought that her vision meant that there would be no more good days. Massive death and destruction are obviously not good, but how does that mean that 40 years down the line (or beyond that) that there are no more good days, that they’re done forever? Or does the little one have no real wisdom and was she just kind of scared?

I do like how quickly the folks in Los Angeles picked up on the fact that it was a real vision of the future and how to (maybe) prove it – just get corroboration from someone else who was in your vision. Good plan, solid detective work, also, a little crazy. That first call had to be a hard one to make, “Hey, Elizabeth Corday, did you dream about me today, because I certainly dreamt about you.” That could go very wrong and quickly end up at “You’re always in my dreams, Doctor Corday,” which for me may be true, but wasn’t really the point of the phone call.

Good old John Cho as Demetri though, he was right about them getting assigned to the case being weird. They get to run point because Mark dreamt of them running point? Maybe I should get a million dollars because I say that I one day will get a million dollars. It’s weird – that massive corkboard gets brought into existence because Mark and Demetri construct it based on Mark’s recollection of it already existing. What would Emmett Brown say to that kind of thing? I don’t think he’d like it.

At this point, quite obviously, we have far more questions than answers, the biggest question being – is this a case of “A Christmas Carol” and can these shadows still be changed, or is what we saw fixed? Take Olivia and Mark, now that they know their marriage is breaking up (maybe) and that she cheats (perhaps), can they fix it? Or, since she thinks that she is going to sleep with someone else, will she sleep with someone else because she sort of already did? I really have no investment in them as a couple at this point, so I don’t so much care about the result there, but I do know that I don’t want to lose John Cho just because Demetri had no vision.

Perhaps there is a better question, and one with a more immediate answer coming – who is the guy in Detroit who remained awake for the length of the incident? Is that Dominic Monaghan’s character, because he certainly wasn’t in the show otherwise tonight.

Quick flashes:

  • I liked the premiere, but I’ll tell you what the show doesn’t need more of – Joseph Fiennes running in slow motion with overly dramatic music. I mean, really what was the point in that?

  • Kangaroos are awesome, every city should have them hopping about randomly. Was there a pet store trading illegally in such animals nearby? Surely the gates at the zoo didn’t magically unlock just because the zookeeper wasn’t awake to watch them.

  • How did Mark know that it didn’t “feel” like a hallucination? Isn’t the point of a good hallucination that it “feels” real?

  • Seth MacFarlane, FBI guy. Do we feel like if he comes back regularly it’ll help the show or just be weird?

  • Tracy. Is she alive? Did she ever die? Does she come back to life? What are we thinking there?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser