Ambreal_burningcar Ambreal Williams got a second chance when she was supposed to be eliminated two weeks ago, but fellow America’s Next Top Model wannabe Ebony volunteered to leave instead. On Wednesday’s show, however, Ambreal finally packed her bags after her posing skills came up short again.

How did you feel when Ebony asked to leave?
A: I’m very appreciative of Ebony deciding not to stay. It gave me time to learn, and I’m glad I got to stay two extra weeks. I enjoyed doing the Enrique Iglesias video. That was really fun for me. I plan on thanking [Ebony]. I’m going to call her and tell her how thankful I am.

What did you think about Tyra’s comment that you’re just not a model?
A: Tyra is entitled to her opinion. I took it as someone else out there will see me … I didn’t take it personally. I see myself as a model.

Didn’t your learn some posing from Benny Ninja?
A: We didn’t have one-on-one with Benny. Benny knows I can pose. I know I can pose. [For the last shoot], Jay Manuel had expressed to me, "What would you do if you were stranded in the desert?" I would sit down. I did understand what the judges were saying about showing off the dress. I thought the picture was beautiful, so I didn’t take it personal.

What should you have been improving on?
A: After the critiques I did go home and practice in the house. I thought I was improving. But after seeing the show, I know now what to work on more. It helps to see yourself, so now I understand what they were saying … I know I needed to work on my facial expression.  We really don’t get to see our photos [during the shoot] … I needed to do just a little bit more. I have almond-shaped eyes so they look a little lazy. Now havig seen the show, I can see what I need to work on.

Ambreal_rose Why did you continue to get worse after starting off so well?
A: I think it was because I got more criticized and I tried to apply all the criticism I was given and forgot about being myself. I needed to balance.

Did you get along with the other girls?
A: It wasn’t really that hard to get along with the girls. I’m an open type of person. I’ve lived in dorms before, so I’m used to having to share. I didn’t clash with anybody. I was the neutral person in the house. I love ’em all.

How about when you jumped on the bandwagon picking on Heather, saying she was babied?
A: I don’t think I jumped on the bandwagon. We all had our opinions of Heather. She’s a nice, genuine person, but she was of course babied. America doesn’t see it as well. We did confront her about the bathroom scene. We told her, "You can’t have your way all the time." She’s a 21-year-old girl. She has to learn to take care of herself.

A: Keep in mind it’s a TV show and things are edited to make it look like things a certain way. Bianca was actually ahead of her [for the phone]. She’d been waiting awhile. There were times we were waiting and she felt she [could go on] ahead. If I had heard her call the shower, I would have backed her up.

What was your favorite experience?
A: I think my favorite time was the Enrique Iglesias video shoot. It was very fun, and director Jessy Terrero was good to work with. Also, the runway challenges were always fun because I love to walk the runway.

Ambreal_gargoyle What was the toughest shoot?
A: It would be the heights on top of the building with the fashion gargoyle because I do struggle with the height issue. I calmed down a litle bit. I think I got the concept of the fashion gargoyle wrong.

What about the comment that Jay Manuel was your arch enemy?
A: I think we were just joking around. I had explained to the girls how my photo shoots had gone and that he didn’t direct me as much. When Bianca said that to me, it was kind of a joke. I didn’t take it too personal. I think he had something towards me because he expected so much from me.

Do you still have your makeover look?
A: Yes, it’s grown out, but I’m going to cut it so it’s more like it was on the show. It’s still relaxed, I have straight hair. I’m going back to the pixie cut.

Which of the remaining girls do you want to win?
A: I’m rooting for Jenah. I really hope she could pull through. I hope she goes all the way.

What was with the dance goodbye?
A: We had discussed earlier with the girls what we would do if we were eliminated. I thought I would moon walk, but the shoes I had on [weren’t right]. I’m an entertainer.

Ambreal_topmodel9__240 Any last words? What’s next?
A: I had a wonderful time. I don’t think I’d do reality TV again unless I were paid to. Thank you so much for keeping the faith in me. This is not the last of me. I’m excited to move forward. I’m going to stay home in Dallas and see what this market has for me, and then I want to move to LA first and then see what NY has to offer.

Considering her performance, do you think Ambreal deserved to stay when Ebony and Sarah left?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen