About This Blog: A Los Angeles-based entertainment journalist comments on the world over the rim of her cup. The chief topic is television (broadcast, cable, DVD, VOD, on your phone, on your laptop…), including the industry and people that produce it, the places it’s produced, and what’s in the tea leaves MeinMyOffice

for its future. Anyone can pull up a seat and pour themselves a cuppa, but good table manners are a prerequisite, so all nasty and/or rude commenters will be A: laughed at, B: briefly pitied, and C: resolutely ignored.

About the Author: Kate O’Hare loves to talk about TV, preferably over a nice, steaming cuppa (it could be coffee or tea, and when she says tea, she means made from tiny little tea leaves, not twigs, berries or grass. OK, there can be some mint. And the tea can be green … but that’s it). Born and bred in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State, she now lives and writes about the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, the natural habitat of TV, but occasionally makes field trips to observe TV production in far distant lands (like Vancouver or Encino). Twitter URL: twitter.com/KateOH

Kate also blogs about technology, ecology, journalism and all other isms at The Accidental Futurist.

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