abfab new 'Absolutely Fabulous': Watch the first episode of the new season onlineFans of the BBC’s “Absolutely Fabulous” can safely rejoice. The series is back for a third run — complete with stars Jennifer Saunders (Edina), Joanna Lumley (Patsy), Julia Sawalha (Saffy), Jane Horrocks (Bubble/Katy Grin) and June Whitfield (Mother).

2011 finds Patsy and Edina pretty much where we left them in 2004 — doing their best to defy age, shop and remain absolutely fabulous. For Edina, that means that she can now add blogging and tweeting to her list of on-trend accomplishments.

The girls still smoke. And Patsy still smokes weed. In fact, the first episode centers on Patsy’s just-released-from-prison drug dealer who demands Patsy pay up or she’ll turn Saffy into her “wifey-poo.” Edina, it should be noted, is mostly okay with that plan. In the end, though, Patsy is forced to confront her age issues in order to collect big pension money to pay off her considerable debt.

Not much else has changed, which is a comfort. Fans will settle right back in to the rythym of a pitch perfect show.

Our favorite line comes when Edina’s explaining why she’s been banned from a trendy nightclub: “I hugged Elton John and didn’t realize he was nursing his baby.”

Watch the full episode online below:

The Videodrome Discoth�que Vault Presents: The New Absolutely Fabulous Episode!!! from Videodrome Discoth�que on Vimeo.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson