According to Michael Ausiello at EW, Ashlee Simpson is moving into "Melrose Place."

It’s hard to remember that the pop starlet once starred on “Seventh Heaven.”

Watch this WB promo in which she is announced as Jessica Simpson’s little sister and Teen People dubs her a rising star for 2004. And check out her old nose. Wow, that honker was big!

In "Place," Ashlee will play a small-town gal named Violet. She has a sweet surface, but watch out.  She’s actually a scheming, conniving slutterina.

But the best part of the EW report is that it’s still "looking good" for a Heather Locklear cougar return.

And as previously reported by Korbi Ghosh at, Mischa Barton is still in talks to join the CW series.

Med student, guys. No way can this dumb bunny play a teacher. Get real.

OK, any bets on how long it will be before Pete Wentz or Jessica Simpson makes a guest appearance on "MP"?


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead