toby keith acm getty ACM Awards 2012: Get your drink onIf the drinking game you were playing during the Academy of Country Music Awards was “drink every time they play a song about drinking,” chances are you ended up Sunday (April 1) pretty sloshed.

There were no fewer than four songs about the brain cell-wasting activity during the award show. Chris Young got things started with his tourist trap t-shirt inspired song “Save Water, Drink Beer.” The problem with the tune, other than its simplistic theme, is it’s completely inaccurate as the main ingredient in beer is water. But that’s neither here nor there.

Blake Sheldon then added to the mix (mixer) with his song “Drink on it.” The ditty suggests a liquor-fueled discussion of whatever comes to mind. But this was all a prelude to the audience pleaser of the night, Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup.”

The party anthem is the only song we can think of that uses the words “decomposable” (not to mention “Freddie Mac”) in the vocals. But it got the crowd going when they passed out the plasticware.

The last drinking tune of the night was Zac Brown Band’s “Whiskey’s Gone.” The ode to the beverage does feature one solid recommendation. It comes at the point of the song when Brown realizes he’s probably a little too tipsy to drive.

If they do a follow up show on Monday (April 2), it can be all about how hungover they are.

Posted by:David Eckstein