pia zadora anger counseling Actress Pia Zadora ordered to complete anger, alcohol counseling

Actress/singer Pia Zadora was ordered by a judge on Thursday (Sept. 12) to complete alcohol and impulse control counseling.

The ’80s entertainer was arrested back in May on suspicion of domestic battery and coercion after police say she sprayed her teenage son with a hose to get him to go to bed. A Las Vegas judge told Zadora that she can face 30 days in jail if she fails to complete the counseling, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

According to police reports from the incident, Zadora turned a watering hose on her son and tried to rip the phone from his hands when he called police. She told police she thought he was calling the authorities to avoid his bedtime.

Zadora was a child star on Broadway, then turned to a movie career as an adult, appearing in “Hairspray,” “Troop Beverly Hills,” and “Naked Gun 33 1/3,” before becoming a singer.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum