sara rue Actress Sara Rue newest Jenny Craig celebrity clientSara Rue has decided she needs to lose 30 lbs and that Jenny Craig is the company to help.

]]>Losing this weight goes beyond just what it will mean physically. It’s about establishing emotional stability in my life. My weight has been on a rollercoaster since I was a young girl, but I’m committed to gaining control of this aspect of my life. My hope is that my story may inspire other women who are facing similar battles to seek help and take control.

We totally support your quest to be healthier and more emotionally stable, Sara, but let us be the first to say that you are fabulous and we love you no matter what. sara rue valerie bertinelli Actress Sara Rue newest Jenny Craig celebrity clientSara is best known for her roles on ABC’s “Eastwick,” “Less Than Perfect” and the dearly departed and sorely missed “Popular”, which aired on The WB. Ah, those were the days — “‘An all-new 7th Heaven and Roswell’ or ‘A very special episode of Buffy and fresh Jack & Jill'”  and Mary Cherry. The Dish Rag sure misses the Frog. Sara’s pictured left with fellow Jenny Craig weightloss celeb Valerie Bertinelli, who successfully lost 40 lbs with the program. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for all your movies, TV and celebrity news.

The WB’s “Popular” (from “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy). Genius show!

More “Popular” featuring Sara Rue. Enjoy!

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Celebs who got fat and thin Photo credit: Jenny Craig

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