Two weeks ago, Ty Collins — the Tom Welling lookalike who almost took Annie Wilson’s lady flower last Fall — popped back up on the 90210 scene after a lengthy absence. Rocking Annie’s boat a bit during drama club auditions, Ty has returned with a hint of vengeance. But the joke’s on him, because tonight he’ll learn that he’s Adrianna’s baby daddy.

I was on set for the filming of this evening’s episode and got to spend some good quality time with sweet-as-pie Adam Gregory, who plays Ty. Plus I was courtside to see how the character’s super posh parents decide to deal with the pregnancy news. Adam talked pretty candidly about the whole situation…

So, in the last ep, we saw a slightly different Ty back at West Bev. More aggressive?
Adam Gregory:
Yeah, he’s a bit manlier,

which I think everyone will like. I like it. When he was dating Annie, he was kind of whipped. He really fell

hard for her and when she decided they were just going to be friends,

he took it because he was a nice guy. But it struck something inside him. So

he’s a little bit harsher now. He’s not going to be

tied down. He does kind of look at Adrianna with a little [sparkle] in

his eye, but he’s afraid. And you never know where that’s

going to go because Ty is such a playboy. Now you guys

understand how much of a playboy Ty is. He literally just broke up with

Annie and started getting it on with a bunch of girls, including Adrianna, during

her drug stint, and he knocked her up. He’s kinda crazy. We just didn’t get

to see it [on-screen]. But coming back as the

baby’s daddy is the coolest thing in the world because me and [actress] Jessica

[Lowndes] (Adrianna) are so close, and we hang out all the time. So, the one person I’d love to be the baby daddy for is Jessica. We fit so

well. It’s amazing. Time flies on the set.

You did five episodes at the beginning of the season, but then you just sort of disappeared. Did you have any idea you’d be returning?

AG: No, I didn’t know. People kept asking, so what’s next? And it was like, we

don’t know. Nobody knows. We literally find out two days before we get our


This is your first series, right?

AG: Yeah this is my first series.

So do you feel more comfortable playing Ty the second time around?

AG: Oh, immensely. It’s unbelievable. Have you ever done something and then looked back on it later and gone, oh my God, I wish I

could do that differently, I wish I could do this differently? I was

starting to feel that way [about my performance in the first few episodes] since I was [off the show] for so long. And then they

called me with this great storyline and my jaw dropped to the floor

’cause now I get to do all those things I didn’t do before. I’m

adding layers, I’m adding character, I’m adding depth. There’s so many

things that could happen with Ty that I’m just really excited about. They could take it anywhere they want, essentially. Of course, I could also

be gone. But wherever they want [my character] to go is open and up in the air and I

love the feeling of that.

What is Ty’s reaction when he finds out that he’s the baby’s father?

AG: It is utter shock. ‘Cause when I first read the script, I

looked at it and I just stopped. And that’s what I wanted to bring to

the character, where you just stop and you’re in the moment. You’re

thinking about all the things that could happen… being a father, things

that you can and can’t do with your child and the rest of your life. I

mean, he’s only 16. Trying to make it through high school with

a kid, it’s hard. So obviously a lot is going through his head when she

drops the bomb. It’s a big bomb. He

totally spaces out and is very unsympathetic. He doesn’t think about her

feelings, he’s really all in his head. Ty is a very strong-minded

individual and he’s out for himself, and not so much for others. He’s narcissistic.

He loves to be on stage, he loves the spotlight, he loves

the attention and he thinks about what’s good for him. And his family only thinks

about him as well. His mom is really controlling and wants the

best for him, so he takes what she says and just goes with it. He

doesn’t really think twice about it, because whatever she’s said so

far, it’s always worked, and she runs the family. It doesn’t matter if he has any sort of feelings for

the baby or for Adrianna, whatever mom says, goes. But it’s tearing him

up inside. It’s heart wrenching.

So he has mixed feelings.

AG: He has very mixed feelings. Because deep down, Ty is actually a good guy and

he knows what the right thing to do is. He doesn’t want to be

unsympathetic to Adrianna. She needs to take [the decisions regarding the pregnancy] slowly. But [he and his family] are just

[insisting on] sending her away to [a nice facility in] New Mexico and all of that. He’s kind of just

telling her what’s going to happen, not so much asking her, you know,

which is very rude.

He’s conflicted though.

AG: Yeah. I mean, it’s his family that really makes him so selfish. They’re more worried about his future than he is. Obviously,

because he is going out and knocking up girls, whatever, he’s crazy.

But when he’s home, he’s such a nice kid. He’s an all-star,

all-American, high school kid, doing everything right… good grades,

star of the drama club, just everything I think parents would want. But behind closed doors, Ty is a little freaky.

Yeah, speaking of freaky, he seemed to be throwing a little game Annie’s way last week. She and Ty obviously have a past and they’re doing a play together again, so there will be more interaction there.

AG: Yeah. Ty is very passive aggressive with Annie. It’s like, he’s trying to

play cool, but he’s really not. He knows she’s dating Ethan, so it’s like,

whatever, I’m still gonna keep my eye on you. If you wanna go at it,

cool, bring it on. You can come over to my house anytime. And Ethan sees [Ty’s attitude] and it’s kind of developing an [adversarial] relationship between us, where we see each other as a threat now. I think we might get into a fight.

AG: Yeah, that would be awesome. Just because I am giving him so much [guff], so he’s

probably gonna want to hit me soon. I’m not being nice about it at

all, about him dating my so-called ex. I’m letting it fly out there

that whatever she wants to do with me is her business. You don’t have to know about it, Ethan. It’s cool.

Do you think Annie still has feelings for Ty?

AG: We never ended on such a clear note. Things got crazy and hectic, but we’re still friends. The sexual tension

is still there though. Just because you become friends doesn’t mean

you don’t want to hop up on each other and start making out. So there still are some feelings there for Annie and

Ty. And just as she has feelings for Ethan, I have feelings elsewhere as

well. So now it’s, pardon my saying, a foursome.

Do you think Ty will stick around long-term?

AG: I sure hope so. Hopefully they keep me around and I just keep on causing trouble. But I don’t know yet if I’ll be back. This

show, it keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I’m in it. It’s really

funny how it can do that to you.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh