lambert cover 290 Adam Lambert's CD cover: Zap2It readers duke it out“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert’s CD cover art was released yesterday and the Zap2It commenters were severely divided.

There seem to be only two camps regarding the Glambert CD cover: love it or hate it. Interestingly, a lot of the “haters” said they’ll still buy the CD, just not in a store for all the world to see.

Sample Yay Comments
Jae: I think that cover gets closer to the real Adam than any other one could. He LIKES getting glammed up. Hell yeah, it’s the perfect cover for him. He’s not afraid to show who he is and to take chances. Good for you Adam.

Nina: I Absolutely ADORE this cover! This phenomenally talented man is a genius at pushing buttons and this will most definitely be the water cooler talk tomorrow. Just makes me more excited to hear the music that goes inside!

Gini Santana: Why do we get so shocked by what Adam does? That’s what he did on American Idol and why we loved him. Go Adam! Your beautiful as ever.

AnninSD: Love it the more I see it – very Bowie – Adam loves the attention and getting people talking – and he has us talking. International sales are gonna be huge. Bring on the music!


Sample Nay Comments
Tony: I like Adam and wanted him to win AI, but that is the most horrible album cover ever. Talk about going waaaaay over the top – so much that it’s a turn off. And it looks like it’s from 1985! I would be embarrassed to walk up to a cashier in a store to buy that, so I guess I’ll be doing it discretely on iTunes.

Cluegirl: he’s such a handsome guy so how did he end up looking this monstrously ugsome on his album cover? he should’ve went with a super-clean look.

LS: No … please … no. I am one of Adam’s greatest fans and strongest supporters, but I am very disappointed with this cover. I’m open minded and fine with everything about Adam, but I want everyone to love him as much as I do and for him to be a worldwide star, but I’m afraid this photo is far, far too feminine and soft to draw in many new fans. It doesn’t entice me or show Adam’s sexy appeal. I’m afraid it will be a turn off for many. Sorry Adam. Love you so much, but this cover just doesn’t feel right. I think it will limit you.

JettaJameson: Oh. My. God. I love Adam, but that is one horrific album cover. I would never buy that in a store. How embarassing. That’s an online purchase only. I’m honestly creeped out.

Ronny: I like his voice, and I don’t mind him being gay (I respect that) but this cover is too much, they did wayyyyy too much Photoshop in it and made him look like a totally different person

Award for Funniest Comment

Max: Liza Minnelli never looked so good.

What do you think? Are you a Yay or a Nay? Will you buy Adam’s CD regardless?

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