adam levine sexiest man alive people Adam Levine Sexiest Man Alive decision explained by People

After several days of build up, “The Voice’s” Adam Levine was officially given the honor of People’s Sexiest Man Alive. It’s not a decision that all people agreed with, but it’s one People stands behind.

“The point of this is to pick someone who kind of threads the needle. You want someone who’s new and modern and fresh, but you also want someone who the nation knows,” People managing editor Larry Hackett says on “Good Morning America.” “We have to sell a lot of magazines, yes … we want everyone to go, ‘Oh, he’s the guy!’ He’s in the band Maroon 5, he’s totally now and totally happening. He’s a rock star, let’s face it. In the past couple of years, he now has national TV attention so everybody knows who he is. You see his personality every night, and it was just, you know, people love him.”

Also included on the Sexiest Man Alive issue are Bradley Cooper, Idris Elba, Liam and Chris Hemsworth, and “GMA’s” own Sam Champion. As for Levine, the whole situation took him a bit by surprise.

“Surreal. I was like, ‘Really, really?'” he tells Zap2it, laughing. “No, it was very cool, very flattering.”

Do you think Levine deserves the Sexiest Man Alive title?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz