the voice adam levine thumbs up nbc 320 Adam Levine's Christina Aguilera induced S bomb on 'The Voice': Watch it all go downWe love a good live broadcast.

Sunday night’s broadcast of the MTV Movie Awards provided a nice Robert Pattinson F-bomb that surely sent the Twi-hards squealing, and the first live taping of “The Voice” provided plenty of bleepable moments as well. Maroon 5 star Adam Levine, who has charmed us to pieces all season long, barely flinched as he dropped the uncensored S-bomb.

Christina Aguilera teased Levine for always mentioning “soiling himself” while praising contestants, and when she turned her attention back to her contestant, Beverly, Levine teasingly proved her right. “Beverly, you were so good I s**t myself!” he interrupted.

“Hello,” Carson Daly, a veteran of live TV, said, tapping his microphone. “Is this thing on?”

Whoever’s job it is to hit that “bleep” button missed their moment, because that particular four-letter word rang out loud and clear in living rooms across America. Whoops! Family show.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie