adamsandler nbcuniversal Adam Sandler's 'The Hanukkah Song' is due for an update

Remember when “Saturday Night Live” was good? Yeah, we know it’s been a while since the late night laughfest (or snoozefest, as per the past few years) spawned such classics as Adam Sandler‘s “Hanukkah Song,” but thankfully, it’s that time of year again to relive this holiday classic.
While we love listening to the inexplicably catchy social commentary behind the song, we think it may be time for an updated version (he’s tweaked the lyrics in live performances in the past, we know, but not for a while). Surely with the amount of time that has passed since he first penned the now classic holiday tune, there has to be at least a few more entertaining celebs who will be lighting a Menorah this season.
No doubt Adam could make some hilarious quips about everyone from Zac Efron to Natalie Portman (and Mila Kunis, too), Seth Rogen, Chelsea Handler and Daniel Radcliffe, just to scrape the tip of the Jewish iceberg. How about the time Madonna made it totally fetch to practice Kabbalah? We certainly haven’t forgotten about that one. 
So Happy Hanukkah to Mr. Sandler, and everyone who’ll be celebrating Wednesday night (Dec. 1). In the spirit of the season, check out the original (baby-faced) performance here. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci