adele pregnant gi Adele baby announcement brings on Twitter abuseAlong with reality television, the advent of social media sites like Twitter have created a blurring of the lines between celebrities and “the little people.” Many performers have embraced the medium as a way to interact with their fans, quickly quash rumors, and promote their projects.

The general population, however, seems to largely take for granted that the celebrities behind the Twitter handles are still, in fact, human beings. As is the case with the disgusting abuse hurled at Adele in light of her joyous baby announcement.

When news hit the web of Adele’s bundle of joy, the trolls of the internet came out in full force. Tweeters slammed the multi-platinum-selling, multi-Grammy-winning singer-songwriter’s weight, suggested the baby should be murdered (“lol”), joked about postpartum depression and how it would help her make a better album, and even threatened to kill Adele and her newborn baby boy.

Joan Rivers — who is old enough to know better — even got in on the act, tweeting “Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy.”

The backlash led the hosts of “The Talk” to question whether these sort of tweets should be outlawed. Since that type of legislation may be a long way off, couldn’t there at least be some kind of test developed that people have to pass before getting access to social media? Make it like the Captcha test that proves you’re a human being, but design it to prove you’re a human being with some degree of common decency.

Posted by:mchance