Adele.jpgWell, Adele may be in the middle of recovering from throat surgery, and dealing with a cancelled tour, but the chanteuse just got some great news. She’s made history! She just became the first female to be named “top artist” by Billboard. She’s also got the top album, “21” and a hit single, “Rolling in the Deep.” All in one year! (Oh, and those six Grammy nominations aren’t too shabby either._

The girl is only 23. How do you top this? The other thing that sets Adele apart? She never seems to be involved in any scandals. Some of the artist in Billboard’s Top 10 haven’t had the same luck. The list includes Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars.

Adele told Billboard in an interview, “I think one of the things that sets me apart
from other artists who have had the same kind of success is that my life
isn’t speculated about.” She continued,
“I’m incredibly private but I’m also incredibly
honest, and I think that creates a kind of ‘meet in the middle’
respectable ground.” Talented and smart and off the paparazzi’s radar. It’s a recipe for success.

Posted by:jbusch