Could British soul songstress Adele be the latest big voice to croon a James Bond theme song? She’ll never tell. Well actually…

Adele appeared this weekend (Sep. 3) on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” a popular British talk show. Adele admitted she hadn’t written a new song in months but is headed to the studio in November to record “a theme for a movie.” The lightning fast Ross hummed a few bars of the classic Bond melody which elicited a guilty cackle from Adele. Adele quickly backpedaled, but it was too little, too late. The damage is done.

Hopefully Adele’s theme will be more Shirley Bassey and less Chris Cornell-y. Though it’s a step in the right direction that Bond producers have once again realized the song is best left to the Brits.  

Skip to 6:00 in the video for the guilty “admission.”  

Posted by:janderson