community xmas 'Community': Troy and Abed rap about ChristmasIf “Community” doesn’t return to the schedule, we’re all dressing up as Human Beings and heading over to Occupy NBC. Seriously. This show is nothing but pure joy and after you watch the Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) rap, you’ll understand why.

Thursday’s (Dec. 8th) episode has Greendale’s Glee Club down for the count. Their bubbly choir teacher Cory Radison (Taran Killam from “Saturday Night Live”) recruits the study group to fill in. They cave one-by-one, singing and dancing for the annual Christmas Pageant.

In this clip, Troy is having issues with being part of a Christmas pageant because, as a Jehovah’s Witness, he has never celebrated the holiday. Abed comes up with a pretty rad solution and they rap about it, dancers and all.

The holiday episode of “Community” airs this Thursday night. Watch it live, everyone! Show the studio that you love every quirky, meta moment of this show and ensure it’s return.

Posted by:jbusch