Adrian Grenier really is Vince Chase, his "Entourage" character.

At least half the year.

"I tend to embody Vince when I’m working on the project for 12 hours a day for six months at a time," said Grenier said. “I carry him with me at all times. It’s hard to shed him at the end of the day."

But being Vince might not be as much fun this season.

"For the part, four years I’ve lived vicariously through this extremely successful, happy-go-lucky-guy," Grenier said. "This year that’s not the case. Vince is coping with hard times, and there’s even a little existential reflection."

"But it’s not quite so bad that he’s homeless or goes to rehab.”


Reporting: Joel Stratte McClure

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead