adrianne curry 320 Adrianne Curry to be featured on Playboy TV's 'Celebrity Sex Tales'If we told you there was a new show that combines celebrities, reality TV, sex, cartoons and Hugh Hefner, would you believe us?

OK, so the Hef thing is a stretch — but Playboy TV was in the house at the first ever Reality Rocks Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where Zap2it spoke with “America’s Next Top Model’s” inaugural winner Adrianne Curry and “The Wonder Years'” Jason Hervey about their involvement in the new project.

]]>‘Celebrity Sex Tales’ on Playboy TV exciting and interesting is the fact that we have animated recreation of the actual encounter of the funny story.” The show will feature a series of celebs who spill on some of their most hilarious, raunchy and awkward sexual encounters. All while cartoon versions of themselves and their partner appear on screen. Something that Hervey assures us will maintain a proper balance. “It’s not explicit like you would think that it would be or could be,” he explains. “I think that what you’re gonna see are stories and animation and things that are rooted more in good storytelling, great sense of humor. Things that are uncomfortable and just really great television.” Curry is one of the celebrities to appear on the show, as she reminisces about three of her wrongest moments. One of which includes husband Peter Brady — er — Christopher Knight. “I told one about us when we had a house full of press and we had a quickie,” Curry tells us. “And there was like literally 45 people in our home.” The other two tales revolve around Curry’s one and only ex-boyfriend, whom she admits has no clue what’s about to go down. “He has no idea,” Curry confesses of her former flame. “Maybe I should Facebook him and be like, ‘Yo!’ Cause anyone in our hometown that watches this is gonna know who. Everyone knows I only dated one guy really before my husband so who else could it be?” Adding that her stories are “pretty wrong” and even involve a cemetery. Don’t count on Curry to watch the episode she’s featured. Even in cartoon form, the model-turned-reality TV star refuses to watch herself in that capacity. “I don’t like to watch myself, cause I already knew what happened and I don’t need the animation, I was there,” Curry explains. “But I will watch other people’s celebrity sex tales… I can’t watch myself, it creeps me out.” You can see more from our Zap2it interviews with both Hervey and Curry below, including their picks for favorite reality show villains of all time. If you’re intrigued for more, tune in to “Celebrity Sex Tales” on Playboy TV’s brand new “Television for Two,” May 7th.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci