adrienne-maloof-paul-nassif-divorce-custody-gi-8-28.jpgThe divorce and ensuing child custody battle between “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeon husband Paul Nassif is turning ugly. According to TMZ, Nassif claims Friday (Sept. 7) that Maloof was verbally and physically abusive toward him during their marriage, while Maloof says Nassif was not only violent with her but also their children.

During a hearing on the custody of their three sons, Nassif’s attorney claimed Maloof pushed his client and called him “stupid, dumb and an idiot” in front of their kids. The couple’s head of security also apparently witnessed Maloof hit and scratch Nassif last summer.

Maloof, in turn, filed a claim in family court alleging that Nassif has a violent temper and a gun, which is often in reach of their children. She also claims he has thrown their sons onto the grass, spanked them, yanked their arms and hit them on the head. Maloof also says in the claim that Nassif pushed her and pulled her hair while the children were present.

Nassif took Maloof to court to ask for more time with the kids — a request the judge has denied for now. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper