Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line of programming has never been conventional, but the latest promo is down right disturbing. 

The video called “Unedited Footage of a Bear” starts out innocently enough, close up on a big brown bear in his natural habitat. Then the viewer hears voices commenting on the animal and his size. Just when it feels like the volume needs to be turned up — a commercial jumps in. However, this is one ad you can’t skip no matter how many times you try to. 
The commercial looks like any other allergy pill advertisement, but Claridryl sure doesn’t seem like the average allergy medication. Sure it helps a mother of two keep her sniffles at bay, but as she drives away through a suburban neighborhood in her mini van, things take an ugly turn. It is obvious by the massive amount of Claridryl bottles in the car the mom has been abusing the drug. She then drives past a crime scene where a police officer is crying and a crazy man is being restrained as several trash bags of things are removed from the home. Then the mom gets a call from a woman named Donna she does not answer. 
As she drives, she passes by a yellow knit sweater in the street that eerily looks like her own so she stops to take a closer look. Upon realizing it is the same sweater, the mom looks up to see her violent doppelganger running at full speed toward her. The evil version of the mom beats the nice version pretty much to a bloody pulp before stealing her car. 
The nice mom tries desperately to crawl home as evil mommy settles into her new surroundings. At first the kids are happy, this new mommy provides presents galore. But they soon see they should be very afraid and cower in their rooms. Evil mommy envisions shooting four empty chairs outside before wreaking havoc on the whole home. She yells for the mysterious Donna as she has the ultimate breakdown. 
Before too long, nice mommy has managed to get home as the police sirens approach. As she lays on the steps she whispers to the air that she is unarmed. 
If the description alone doesn’t trouble you enough, check out the entire ten minute Adult Swim promo in the video above. 
Fun fact: There is no real “Donna.” In the credits it says Cricket Arrison plays her, which is actually the video’s costume designer. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins