chloe bennett agents of shield weeks best lines abc 'Agents of SHIELD': Chloe Bennet wants Skye to get with Simmons“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” star Chloe Bennet took the time out of her Thanksgiving weekend to hold a Reddit Ask Me Anything to discuss the ABC TV series and share some of her own personal preferences. Proving that she’s not a whole lot like her technology-savvy character Skye, Bennet admitted to a few problems setting up the AMA.

Among the many questions fielded during the Q&A, Bennet admitted her preferences about who she thinks Agent Grant Ward should end up with. Though he’s been seen hooking up with Melinda May, Bennet is firmly in the Team Skye + Ward camp. When asked “Skyeward or Mayward,” she answers, “SKYEWARD.”
But Bennet has some sexy shipping ideas of her own. Apparently some fans have been hoping that Skye ends up hooking up with Simmons, and Bennet is totally on board. “I SHIP THAT S*** SO HARD,” Bennet responds.
In other news that should get fans riled up, Bennet also admits to having a crush for the real life Fitz, Iain De Caestecker.”I have a crush on him to. So im going to be selfish and say…no… just kidding yes I will,” she says in response to a fan asking her to make De Caestecker use his Twitter account more. 
She says FitzSimmons are her favorite characters on the show (“They are perfect humans”) and has a funny update on the current on-set prank war. “I just pranked Iain last wednesday, I told him we had a sex scene in the next episode!” she says. Shippers, get on board with that.
Bennet hopes that Robert Downey Jr. will pop up in “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” as Iron Man, but he’s not the only one she’s holding out for. She’s also crossing her fingers than Nathan Fillion will have a cameo in the series in some capacity. Here are some other highlights from the AMA:
– On Snuggies, they’re apparently “just backwards robes.”
– Even Bennet doesn’t know Skye’s age. “Actually, I have no idea..” she writes.
– On who Skye’s parents actually are: “Funny thing…dont tell anyone. But turns out my parents are actually Queen Latifah and John Stamos,” Bennet claims.
– She’s a “Hunger Games” fan, and apparently “JLaw is a g.”
Clark Gregg likes to rap his scenes. “The hardest scenes for me are when we all decide to act like children and goof off…. Clark often likes to start rapping the then we all start rapping and then laughing and most times we cant stop!” Bennet says. “Thats the most difficult AND funny. And my favorite relationship on the show is that of Skye and Coulson…I just think its a really sweet and endearing make shift father daughter relationship.”
– When asked if any of the cast members are in real-life relationships, Bennet claims, “We are all in a group relationship, its a new form of marriage. Go look it up.”
“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz