agents of shield season 1 episode 14 tahiti abc 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 14 'TAHITI' recap: What did Coulson see?
The “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” gang managed to save Skye, but at what cost?

In episode 14, “TAHITI,” Coulson had to dig back into his old file about how he was brought back to life to save his young team member, and in doing so discovered a miracle drug that saved his life. By heading to the secret lab facility where Nick Fury had doctors use everything imaginable to bring him back, he and Ward, Fitz, Agent Garrett and Agent Triplett found a secret drug — GH324 — and Coulson’s hidden secret.

What the heck was that body that was in the container Coulson found? Was it an 0-8-4? An alien (some speculation is it’s a kree)? Or the worst possible option: A mutated version of Coulson himself?

Whatever it was, finding the body that was producing GH324 was enough to send Coulson from a daze to a frenzy to try to prevent the team from using it on Skye. Fortunately Simmons ignored him and used the mystery drug anyway, and Skye was brought back.

But the fact that they have no idea what the drug is, what it’s from and what it could possibly do to Skye is bound to have some serious repercussions farther down the road. Did she survive because she is an 0-8-4? Or is it going to mess with her in the future after bringing her back to life?

This is probably the coolest crazy thing that “Agents of SHIELD” has done all season. More than any other reveal, this had our jaws metaphorically drop to the floor and created a whole bunch of new questions. It totally made up for the fact that the Clairvoyant storyline was dropped after no one came to save Quinn, though maybe Coulson finding out about this body was exactly what the Clairvoyant wanted.

Alright, let’s move on beyond the plot twist that will have us scratching our heads until it is resolved. First off, Bill Paxton’s Agent Garrett was finally introduced to much pomp and circumstance. He is a great addition to the cast, and helps balance off Coulson’s leadership role.

With him is Agent Tripplett, who adorably gets a soft spot for Simmons. Considering she and Fitz aren’t going to be going in any romantic directions (at least, based on what the cast tells us), we’re totally on board with these two meeting up again soon and continuing to hit it off.

Then there was the final scene of the episode. Instead of offering some insight into Coulson’s mystery tube man like we had hoped, it introduced new Asgardian villainess Lorelei. She will tie into next week’s introduction of Lady Sif, so that was a nice tease.

But seriously. What in all of the nine realms was that thing in the tube?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz