agents of shield end of the beginning recap abc 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 16 'End of the Beginning' recap: The Clairvoyant is not what it seemsIs it possible for “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” to answer any of its big mysteries without asking more questions? Probably not, but at least we’re getting somewhere in Tuesday’s (April 1) episode, “End of the Beginning.”

The mystery of “who is the Clairvoyant” proves to be a much more complicated situation than fans might have initially realized. It turns out the person who has been the bane of the SHIELD agents’ existence is actually a SHIELD agent themselves — and doesn’t have any clairvoyant powers. Instead, they’ve just been spying on the characters and using information from their pasts against them, though it’s unclear to what end.

The spy within their ranks, then, seems to be Melinda May, but is it really as cut and dried as her just being a mole? The more likely explanation is that she was told this is a SHIELD mission of higher importance than what Coulson and the rest are aware of, but then again, knowing Melinda May, it’s not that much of a stretch that she would be out for a more important mission than just flying the Bus.

Then there’s the seeming “Clairvoyant” reveal. Victoria Hand clearly was not out to make life easier for Coulson and his team when we met her earlier in the season, and she tried to kill two of Coulson’s men then — though notably, not May. She is the type of leader May would respect, but it’s clear May also has a deep love for Coulson. That’s why it’s hard to imagine that May would betray him without an ulterior motive.

Thomas Nash seems to be nothing more than just a cover for Hand, as Coulson suspects. If that’s the case, here’s hoping that Ward feels a huge amount of remorse and guilt for killing the wrong man. Even if Nash had been the Clairvoyant, it was the wrong move to murder him just because he pushed the right buttons, and the defense of Ward wanting to protect Skye isn’t a good one. Your heart might have been in the right place, Ward, but it was the wrong call to make.

The return of Agents Hand, Garrett, Triplett, Sitwell and Blake was welcome here, and Garrett continues to be a fantastic addition to the team. He seems to be an ally of Coulson, which is nice in a world where it seems pretty much everyone else is an enemy. And the comment that Nick Fury is back on the grid may mean some answers for Coulson and Skye — and for the audience — are on the horizon.

Beyond the Clairvoyant storyline, having Skye finally be made a SHIELD agent was a wonderful turn for the series. It’s nice that she is no longer an outsider, and she really has proven herself an asset to the team. Will she be Coulson’s new right-hand woman now that he doesn’t know if he can trust May? That would be an interesting twist.

It’s hard to deny “Agents of SHIELD” had a slow-moving start to Season 1, but now that it’s picked up the momentum it’s really making some great strides. Here’s hoping the final six episodes of Season 1 continue in this path, and that the reveals that are coming are just as shocking and satisfactory as this one.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz