marvels agents of shield the well thor the dark world crossover recap 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 8 'The Well' recap: Did Ward and May hook up?

Considering all of the sexual tension “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” has been building between Ward and Skye, it was a bit surprising that he opted to spend the night with Melinda May instead of his hacker underling. In the final moments of “The Well,” May silently invites Ward into her bedroom to drink whiskey — and, you know, probably do other things — and he accepts. Will these be the first two agents of SHIELD on this show to do the dirty? It sure seems like it.

There have been plenty of storylines on the show that seem to be implying romantic results, and what this pairing tells viewers is that they should expect the unexpected. Of course, it could be that Ward and May just have drinks and share war stories and pass out in a drunken haze, but the look on her face when she walked by him made it sure seem like she wanted something more, and vice versa.

May and Ward bonded in this episode over having their worst memories brought to the surface by an Asgardian Berzerker rod. “The Well” had a lot of hype surrounding it because it’s the first direct Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover, but it actually had surprisingly little to do with the events of “Thor: The Dark World.” Though the episode opened with Coulson’s team cleaning up the mess left by Thor in London from the events of the Marvel movie, they quickly headed to Norway, Spain and then Ireland to claim three pieces of an Asgardian rod left centuries ago.

In Spain they met Dr. Elliot Randolph (Peter MacNicol), who ended up being an Asgardian who fell in love with living on Earth and decided to stay a millennia ago. He helped the team deal with Ward’s berserker rage problem, which brought to the surface a memory of when Ward felt hate for the first time. It was his brother that he hated, from a time when the older Ward refused to let him help a drowning boy. Ward managed to work through the anger to battle the group of Asgardian fanboys and girls who wanted the staff for themselves.

It was May who stepped up and used the full staff to defeat the rest of the enemies, and it’s likely her strength that clinched the deal for Ward. He’s had respect for her from the get-go and has often turned to her in times of trouble (remember their shared drinks over Skye’s betrayal?) so their assumed tryst shouldn’t come out of left field. Do you think they make a good match?

As for the “Agents of SHIELD” post-credits scene, it’s proved that Coulson is indeed haunted by his Tahiti post-death experience. As this storyline comes more and more to the forefront of the ABC drama, hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s resolved.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz