talbot marvel 'Agents of SHIELD' gains Adrian Pasdar as Hulk hunter Glenn Talbot“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is getting the help of a hero. Former “Heroes” star Adrian Pasdar has joined the ABC show’s cast as Glenn Talbot, a familiar character to Marvel fans.

Pasdar spoke with Marvel.com about his arrival on the series. The character of Glenn Talbot was a hunter of the Hulk in the comic books and in the 2003 movie “Hulk,” but Pasdar is not saying what his purpose in “Agents of SHIELD” is. At least he revealed that Talbot isn’t a good guy on the ABC series.

“Every show needs a jerk, [and] I guess I’m that guy. I make everybody else look so nice,” Pasdar tells the site. “I’m the bad guy. Let me be bad and then they look like shining knights in comparison.”

He says Talbot will be a recurring character as well. “There had to be a little bit more in it than just an episode for me. So I can’t say much more, but the mustache is in a locker and it’s being taken out and prepped as we speak for next week,” Pasdar says.

Could he be the guest star that caused Chloe Bennet to scream and jump on him? Perhaps, but at least this casting makes it even clearer that “Agents of SHIELD” is going big in its final episodes of Season 1. And this adds some serious credibility to the theory Bennet’s Skye is She-Hulk.

No word yet on when Pasdar will have his first episode on the show. “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz