agents of shield marvel abc 'Agents of SHIELD' showrunners explain what they learned from Season 1Even the showrunners of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” will admit that they had to work out some kinks early in the series’ first season to turn it into the more streamlined and focused show it is today. Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon are close to completing Season 1 of Marvel’s first TV series, and though Season 2 hasn’t been announced, a pickup is likely.

Many freshman series have applied the lessons learned from Season 1 to Season 2, and come out the better for it. Tancharoen and Whedon explained to Zap2it on the show’s PaleyFest red carpet what they plan on taking with them to a second season.

“Any new show has a big learning curve, just in terms of making sure everybody’s making the same show,” Whedon says. “Every different department, every actor, every director, the music, the costumes — just making sure we’re all sort of heading in the same direction, because getting everyone on the same page, even though we knew the show we wanted to make, just finding the tone, that always takes a little while.

“As we progressed — and we started a little more standalone, planting seeds — and then we started bringing it together. Seeing how the audience has responded to that is, for us, very rewarding, and I think it makes us not afraid to lean into the Marvel side of it. And the mythology and the serialized elements are really paying off. We’re glad to see the reaction is that positive.”

According to executive producer Jeph Loeb, increasing the amount of Marvel in “Agents of SHIELD” was always the plan. He says it just comes with the territory that it took some time to get to those storylines.

“One of the big challenges of our show is, when we came out of the gate, the only person that anybody knew was Coulson. So we wanted to get them to know and fall in love with Ward and Skye and everybody else in our show, FitzSimmons and the lovely Melinda May,” he says. “Now it’s time to have fun, and that’s why we’ve had Lady Sif come by, Jaimie Alexander was so great. You know we just announced that Patton Oswalt is joining us as Eric. My friend from ‘Heroes,’ Adrian Pasdar, coming on as Col. Glenn Talbot. When Bill Paxton came in. It’s just been a lot of fun. It was always our intention to do that, we just needed to sort of get to a certain place.”

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz