iain de caestecker birthday monkey agents of shield 'Agents of SHIELD' star Iain De Caestecker gets his monkey

Ever since the “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” episode “The Asset,” it’s been a long running joke that star Iain De Caestecker wants a monkey. Now, for his 26th birthday, he finally got one.

Though De Caestecker’s big day was on Dec. 19, the Brit got his present a few days late. Marvel Chief Creative Office Joe Quesada and comics artist Paul Mounts designed De Caestecker an awesome piece of art (above) that shows his “Agents of SHIELD” character Fitz finally getting his monkey — though of course it’s a little more scientific than that, in pure FitzSimmons style.

Though this is only Fitz getting a monkey and not De Caestecker, that is still a dream he would like to see realized. “Iain genuinely wants a monkey on the show, and so he wanted one so bad that they wrote in that Fitz wants a monkey,” costar Chloe Bennet recently told Zap2it.

When De Caestecker broke his Twitter silence to live tweet “The Bridge,” his one message was simple: “After seeing you on that Bridge, I am now, in fact, wearing a leotard. Bring my monkey to set tomorrow. Deals a deal. X”

Are you a fan of the way De Caestecker finally got his monkey?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz