charlie sheen ming na wen gi 'Agents of SHIELD' star Ming Na Wen calls Charlie Sheen a good kisserCharlie Sheen doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a consummate gentleman with the opposite sex, but his former on-screen girlfriend is singing his praises in the area of professionalism — and kissing.

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” star Ming Na-Wen, who previously played Sheen’s girlfriend, Judge Linda Harris on “Two and a Half Men,” says Sheen was always “totally professional” with her on set.

“Charlie was the most amazing gentleman on set,” Na-Wen tells “Access Hollywood Live’s” Billy Bush. “Soft spoken, wonderfully easy to work with. I have nothing bad to say about Charlie.”

When Bush presses, asking if Sheen ever got “handsy” with her, Wen replies, “He has great respect for the people he works with — at least with me. And a good kisser.”

Sounds like a decent combination. And who ever thought of using the word “decent” in a statement about Charlie Sheen?

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