chloe bennet thor the dark world marvels agents of shield 'Agents of SHIELD's' Chloe Bennet talks 'Thor: The Dark World' embarrassing stories, prank wars on set

With “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s” crossover episode with “Thor: The Dark World” taking place tonight, Zap2it had a chance to chat with star Chloe Bennet about the ABC drama. 

Talking about the prank war currently going on between the cast members, the most hilarious moments from the “Thor: The Dark World” premiere and Bennet’s secret talent that needs to be made a part of “Agents of SHIELD’s” storyline, here’s the proof that this cast loves itself offscreen as much as they are starting to adore one another onscreen.

Zap2it: Your whole cast has been all over Twitter and Instagram. Has it been important to you guys to share as much as you can of your experiences on set?

Chloe Bennet: 
We try to be as open as we can, but I don’t think we can tweet as much ridiculous stuff that happens on set as it does because it happens all the time. We probably have too much fun with each other. Some people can lie and say, “Oh, I love my cast, it’s so great,” but we genuinely all love each other so much, and we actually all have a text thread together. Like, all of us have a text thread together, also with our producer Maurissa Tancharoen. So Maurissa and the whole cast, we have a text thread and we like text each other all the time.

We spend like 16 hours a day with each other, and then we still text each other on the weekends and I hang out with at least one of the cast members every weekend. Brett [Dalton], Iain [de Caestecker] and I, we went to go see “Thor” last weekend together. We love each other so much it’s kind of weird, and we have so much fun on set. When you’re working and it gets really late at night, we kind of get really loopy. Like, laughing fits happen. We definitely have a prank war going on right on.

Who is winning?

Me and Elizabeth [Henstridge] are, because here’s what happened. We wanted to start off the prank war on a very mundane level, like very calm. We can’t ruin anyone before wardrobe or makeup or anything that happens with the show, so we took their trailers and we took pictures of exactly how their stuff was and we totally switched them out.

And so they were really confused about where all their stuff was, and they were really confused and it was really funny because it was really subtle. They were walking around all day kind of scratching their heads. They kept going back to each other’s trailers and like, ‘Did you do that?’ and it was really weird. And then Iain like pretended that Elizabeth hurt him and had makeup put a big bruise on his back, and so Elizabeth was like [in a British accent], “Uh, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I feel terrible. Blah blah blah blah blah.”

But now it’s in their court. We’re waiting for them to prank us again. I think their prank to us is just keeping us on our toes and pretending like we’re going to get pranked but we never do, so we always think that we’re going to get pranked. It’s a really mean, not-fun prank. We’re going to have to do something.

We had a big thing where we would scare each other. Like, around Halloween, Ming[-Na Wen] ran around with a wolf mask and tried to scare people, but she would just run towards them. Like, she would be in front of you and then put the mask on in front of you and just run toward you and say, “Boo,” and then crack up. And then we’d be like, Ming, that was not scary, you were literally standing here and you just ran in front of me and did that. You’ve got to work on your scare game. But she would just laugh and thought it was hilarious, so she had a lot of fun with that.

What was your experience with seeing “Thor: The Dark World”? It’s a special Marvel movie because it’s the first one that’s come out after “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” premiere.

We got to go the premiere, which was so much fun. We actually didn’t get to see the movie because we also had a TV Guide [party]. Clark and Ming looked sexy and hot on the cover of TV Guide, so we got to go support them at the launch of that issue. We didn’t get to see the movie that night, but we ended up seeing it another night. And yeah, that was so fun.

My favorite story about the “Thor” premiere is I was standing on the carpet between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston and Liam Hemsworth and, you know, any girl would be freaking out, and then I see Stan Lee off in the distance. I see him, and I just am like, move over Chris! Move over Tom! And I like run to Stan Lee and I’m like, “Oh my god, hi! I’m like the biggest fan of you!” And then I got to meet Stan Lee, which was the best part.

And then Ming loves Chris Hemsworth and was just basically running around the carpet trying to take pictures of him from behind him and it was very funny to watch her run around.

I feel like she’s at the point where she easily could have just gone up, introduced herself and talked to him.

Oh, for sure. She was fangirling out and me and Elizabeth were just cracking up the entire time watching. It was very fun. We have a lot of fun. We also make up raps on set. Raps and songs quite often. Maybe I’ll share one with Twitter soon.

We’ll rap our lines and stuff during rehearsal. We’ll be like, “Yo, we’re gonna go to Hong Kong,” and it’s really bad and terrible but we do it quite often. Each of us can also do a singing impersonation. Like Brett can do a great John Mayer. Iain can do a great Macy Gray, and I can do a decent Britney impersonation, so we’ll be doing that all day on set and people think we’re crazy. People think we’re very bizarre.

Please tell me you guys are finding a way to incorporate that into the show.

I hope so. I really do. There’s certain things on set that they definitely incorporate that are like in real life. [Fitz] wanting a monkey, that’s a storyline that Iain genuinely wants a monkey on the show, and so he wanted one so bad that they wrote in that Fitz wants a monkey.

And also Iain and Brett have this bromance that cannot be beaten. Like, it’s the best bromance in the whole world. They love each other. Iain and Brett will spend all day with each other, they’re always with each other; it’s actually adorable. So last week’s episode was a big nod to their friendship in real life. There’s definitely things happen in the real life [that happen in the show]. We need to get singing in there for sure. It would be really weird to write in Agent Ward singing John Mayer, but maybe we should get my Britney impersonation in there.

If anyone can make it work, it’s the Whedons.

Oh yeah. The sense of humor that we have in the show is definitely there in real life, so it’s so fun.

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p,m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz