aimee tee Aimee Teegarden: 5 reasons the 'Prom' actress should be a bigger starPeople of the world, you make it really hard for us to like you sometimes. OK, so maybe that’s a little harsh, but sometimes tough love is necessary, you know?

 While endless attention is paid to those “Jersey Shore” kids and Lindsay Lohan, talented young actors are getting lost in the Hollywood shuffle, all because they refuse to get arrested for public intoxication and actually pay for the stuff they buy.

One actor we truly think deserves some more recognition? Aimee Teegarden, she of “Friday Night Lights” fame and star of Disney’s new flick “Prom.” Seriously, why isn’t this girl a bigger star?! Well, we’re now going to present you with five reasons you should start paying attention to her.

No. 5:
She appeared on “90210’s” first season and lived to tell the tale. That takes courage.

No. 4: While she was only in the opening scene, we thought she was pretty bad-ass in “Scream 4.”

No. 3: Remember that time during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant that a contestant (Caitlin Upton) rambled nonsensically when asked why a fifth of American’s can’t locate the U.S. on a world map? Teegarden asked that question. Bow down to her.

No. 2: Come on, Teegarden was an integral part of one of TV’s greatest shows ever — “Friday Night Lights.” Seriously, if you haven’t watched “FNL” yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. Right now. You’ll thank us many tears from now.

No. 1: We repeat: She was on “Friday Night Lights.” Show some respect. Clear eyes, full hearts… 

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