prom disney Aimee Teegarden talks 'Prom' preparations; 2 ways to get a dateProm season is upon us. Not only in high schools across the country, but also in theaters.

]]>Aimee Teegarden channels Molly Ringwald and the rest of the Brat Pack for Disney’s latest original film, “Prom.” Zap2it caught up with the “Friday Night Lights” alum to get the scoop on her latest (and leading) role. “I play Nova Prescott,” Teegarden says. “She’s the Prom Committee President and she’s a little OCD about prom and about making everything perfection. She’s definitely a Type A personality.” The film follows Nova’s storyline as she prepares for High School’s biggest night with all the ups and downs that go along with it. Being Prom Committee President, Nova has the perfect night prepared but of course, all does not go according to plan. The actress tells us that she and her co-stars drew upon a few John Hughes 1980s classics to prepare for the film. “The director [Joe Nussbaum] sent all the cast members ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Say Anything’ to watch before we started shooting,” she explains. “That was kind of fun — Just revisiting the classic 80s with all the teen angst, and just that time in your life when you’re kind of discovering who you are as a person and you go through all these awkward situations and emotions.” “It’s a very realistic version of high school and Prom,” she adds of the new flick. If you think the feel-good comedy is geared toward teens, you’d be right. But as Teegarden explains, there’s something in it for everyone.   “[It’s] so much fun because it’s not really just aimed at girls who are in high school or pre-high school,” she tells us. “It’s one of those movies you can sit back and whether you went to prom a year ago or 20 years ago [you can] reminisce about high school and how you felt. “First crushes, loves, and those expectations you had about what life was going to be when you left high school. You get to sort of relive it,” she continues. Most recently, Teegarden made us “Scream” in the fourth installment of the horror franchise. You can check her out in the PG rated “Prom” when it opens on April 29th. Watch two clips from the film below. Looks like this movie might up the ante for romantic Prom proposals everywhere. Take a hint, boys.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci