If airline passengers sing R. Kelly‘s “I Believe I Can Fly” loud enough, will the plane ever take off? That may have been the hope for a group of stranded passengers waiting endlessly for their Allegiant Airlines flight to take off.

It’s not like delayed flights are anything new, of course. Everyone who has ever traveled by air knows the horrors of the delayed flight — minutes and sometimes hours of valuable travel time squandered somewhere in the vicinity of the gate. Usually, the flight attendants won’t let passengers get up. There is neither food nor water available. The fate of all those aboard is at the mercy of whatever mysterious problem has kept the airplane on the ground. If you’re really unlucky — like the passengers in this video — there isn’t even any air conditioning available.

None of this is much fun.

Does a sing-along help? That was the desperate hope of those stuck in a Phoenix-bound flight out of Las Vegas on Sunday (June 9). After five hours, two fainting incidents and two vomiting incidents, the captives turned to song.

There’s no evidence to suggest that the Allegiant Airlines flight got off the ground any quicker after passenger voices lifted in song. But that awful period of waiting may have passed just a little easier thanks to R. Kelly’s famous tune.

And the world gets a fun video!

Posted by:Laurel Brown