aj mclean rehab A.J. McLean in rehab: Backstreet Boy addresses relapseAfter years of flying under-the-radar, the Backstreet Boys have re-entered our cultural consciousness by joining forces with New Kids on the Block for some “NKOTBSB” performances and tour dates that have had all of us squealing like teenyboppers.

(Seriously. You wouldn’t have wanted to be in the Zap2it offices when the man-band lit up the American Music Awards. It got embarrassing in here.)

The return of the spotlight seems to have illuminated a buried problem for Backstreet’s A.J. McLean, who confirmed today to People that he has voluntarily checked himself into rehab.

McLean has previously sought treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in 2001 and 2002, when his partying began to impact the band. BSB postponed their North American tour in 2001 to give McLean time to recover.

With a busy summer of NKOTBSB touring ahead, McLean’s partying threatened to be a case of history repeating itself. Some fans were concerned when they spotted McLean drinking on a recent BSB fan cruise.

McLean is optimistic about his journey this time around.. “Its gonna be a great year! I love u all and wish me luck! I start my sober journey tomm” the singer tweeted on Sunday. 

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie