Akira Yoshizawa, origami master, honored with Google DoodleAkira Yoshizawa, who was born 101 years ago on March 14, was honored on the day with an origami-themed Google doodle.

Yoshizawa is recognized as the “grandfather of modern origami” according to the official Google blog. He’s credited not only with creating new origami techniques but with developing a notation system that helped future practicers of the art to follow his innovative footsteps.

Google worked with origami master and laser physicist Robert J. Lang to create the customized doodle.

“While there were other Japanese artists who explored their country’s folk art contemporaneously with Yoshizawa, his work inspired the world through a combination of grace, beauty, variety and clarity of presentation,” writes Lang. “To him, each figure, even if folded from the same basic plan, was a unique object with a unique character.”

While honing his craft, Yoshizawa worked in a factory, trained as a Buddhist monk and served in the Japanese medical corps in World War II. He’s credited with inventing the “wet folding” technique in which folders work with damp paper to create softer effects.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson