al gore romney rich gi Al Gore is now Romney rich after earning $200 million in recent years

It looks like Mitt Romney isn’t the only super-rich former politician out there. According to reports, former Vice President Al Gore has almost as much money following a series of business deals in the past few years.

So how did Gore get so Romney-rich?

According to an in-depth report on Gore’s finances published by Bloomberg, most of the politician’s fortune has come recently from the sale of the Current TV network and from shares in Apple stock. Reports indicate that Gore grossed about $70 million for his share in Current TV when it was sold to al-Jazeera in January 2013.

Since there are plenty of wealthy politicians out there, what makes Gore’s wealth so notable? One reason is the proximity of this wealth disclosure to the 2012 Presidential elections. Throughout the campaign, detractors called Republican candidate Mitt Romney out-of-touch due to his vast wealth. Now that Gore has a similar sum — an estimated $200 million to compare with Romney’s $250 million — those criticisms seem somewhat hypocritical.

There’s also the fact that many of Gore’s supporters see him more as a champion for environmental causes than a wealthy businessman. Since losing the Presidential election to George W. Bush in 2000, Al Gore has been most prominent in his promotion of climate-change issues. The former Vice President even received a shared Nobel Prize for his work.

That work hasn’t changed, of course, but huge wealth may just change the public’s perception of the man.

Posted by:Laurel Brown