egypt protests al jazeera shut down mohamed morsi gi Al Jazeera, other news outlets closed after Egypt military coup

International network al-Jazeera and other news outlets were shut down within hours of the military takeover of the Egyptian government led by Mohamed Morsi. Members of the army reportedly cut broadcasts and arrested reporters at two or more stations on Wednesday and Thursday (July 3-4).

In a somewhat ironic twist, it is al-Jazeera behind many of the reports about the closed outlets. According to the outlet’s Egypt Live Blog, the Cairo office of al-Jazeera was stormed and shut down at about 1am local time on Thursday (July 4). Details of the closure are unsurprisingly limited. The al-Jazeera blog states only:

“Al Jazeera’s live Egypt service have been taken off air along with several other TV channels. Reports from our correspondents say this happened during a live broadcast when security forces stormed the building and arrested the presenter, guests and producers. More soon.”

Later blog entries continue with reports on other aspects of the Egyptian with little mention of the office closure.

Earlier in the night, al-Jazeera had mentioned specifically the closure of the Misr 25 station, a pro-Islamist broadcaster with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (an organization in which Morsi is a prominent member). Twitter posts on the incident indicated that reporters were arrested.

The military coup under Egyptian defense minister Abdul Fatah Khalil al-Sisi took control late on Wednesday. Following massive protests throughout Cairo — most calling for Morsi’s resignation after a perceived failure to lead Egypt — change was widely expected. Morsi, however, has announced that his presidency continues and that Egypt does not formally recognize the coup.

Posted by:Laurel Brown