al pacino gg getty Al Pacino joins Lindsay Lohan, John Travolta in 'Gotti' ProjectIt’s been an interesting road while casting Fiore Films’ “Gotti: Three Generations,” and things are only getting more intriguing.

]]>John Travolta has remained the constant choice for the role of John Gotti Sr., Lindsay Lohan was in — then out — then in again for a new role, while director Nick Cassavetes bailed on the project in April to be replaced by Barry Levinson. In a bit of seemingly good news for the mob family flick, “Godfather” alum Al Pacino has signed on to play the part of Neil Dellacroce. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pacino’s character serves as the Gambino crime family underboss, as well as a mentor to Travolta’s Gotti Sr. Who could have predicted that we would be seeing LiLo and Pacino on the same screen? Not us, that’s for sure. The film will be a family affair for the Travolta’s, with Kelly Preston signed on to play Gotti’s wife Victoria, and real-life daughter Ella Bleu Travolta starring as Angel Gotti, their on-screen daughter. Lohan will portray Kim Gotti, wife of the still un-cast John Gotti Jr. and Joe Pesci is signed on for the role of Angelo Ruggiero, a Gotti Sr. associate. Sounds interesting, no?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci