al sharpton defends paula deen racism gi Al Sharpton defends Paula Deen: 'She deserves what's fair!'

Al Sharpton is defending Paula Deen?

With most of the world engaged in condemning Deen for her admission of use of the N-word, civil-rights activist Sharpton’s defense is a surprising one. Why does he think she doesn’t deserve all of this trouble?

His answer points out something that most of the world seems to have forgotten: Deen is currently in trouble for something done years earlier.

“I think that it was not just a thing that she used racial language. A lot of us in the past have said things we have regretted saying years ago,” Reverend Sharpton told “She deserves what’s fair! But that’s based on what she’s engaged in now. “

Sharpton goes on to point out that Deen is, in fact, involved in some sort of discrimination lawsuit — this is why she was asked under oath about her use of the racial slur. But he doesn’t think the woman should be judged in the present for anything else. “It’s not about her past and whether she’s regained it,” Sharpton explained. “I think you cannot deal with what’s fair or not fair until we see the outcome of the present circumstances she’s accused of — not something 20 years ago.”

He has a good point there.

Also, did you know that Al Sharpton is a vegetarian? He is, which is why the man has little to no opinion on fried chicken and any racial stereotypes possibly connected to that food.

Posted by:Laurel Brown