barack obama mitt romney al smith dinner ny gi Al Smith Dinner: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney put on comedy showBarack Obama and Mitt Romney traded barbs in front of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Katie Couric, and the archbishop of New York at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. A tradition since 1944, the uber-formal “Al Smith Dinner” has become a political ritual, raising millions of dollars for healthcare causes in memory of the first Roman Catholic to run for president of the United States.

During each presidential election, the candidates take time out to attend the dinner and square off in a comedy battle, of sorts. Obama and Romney were no exception this time around, each delivering monologues that lasted around ten minutes.

Here are some of the one-liners that got the philanthropical crowd laughing the loudest (the full monologues can be seen below):

Barack Obama
“Everyone, please take your seats. Otherwise, Clint Eastwood will yell at them.”

“Some of you may have noticed I had a lot more energy in our second debate. I felt really rested after the nice, long nap I had in the first debate.”

“Win or lose, this is my last political campaign, so I’m trying to drink it all in. Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg will only let me have 16 ounces of it.”

Mitt Romney
“I was actually hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening, because he’ll laugh at anything.”

“In the spirit of Sesame Street, the president’s remarks are brought to you tonight by the letter ‘O’ and the number 16 trillion.”

“I’ve already seen early reports from tonight’s dinner. Headline: ‘Obama embraced by Catholics, Romney dines with rich people.'”

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