alanis morissette gi Alanis Morissette releases new album 'Havoc and Bright Lights'While Alanis Morissette may or may not be one of the new “American Idol” judges (she remains a name on the ever-growing shortlist), you can get your fill of the rocker and sometime-actress on her new album, “Havoc and Bright Lights,” out now.

She tells MTV News that most of her new material was inspired by her husband and her young son. Expect a lot of tunes about motherhood and marriage. “The form [of the album] is the motherhood, but the essence of it really is a deepening of intimacy and a deepening of commitment, and therefore there being a lot of healing,” she says. “I’m healing a lot of wounds from my childhood, and so is my husband.”

Although Morissette says her pregnancy really made it difficult to find time to write new songs, although she was feeling very inspired. “I was dying to write this record. I find there are ebbs and flows to the whole cycle of being under the rock and wearing sweatpants, and then coming out and putting 16-inch heels and glitter on and sharing the conversation-starting songs,” the singer says.

She continues: “I wanted to write when I was pregnant, to be honest, but I was down for the count, on the couch, at 3 p.m. every day, so that wasn’t going to happen. So I built a studio in my living room, and Guy Sigsworth, the producer, came over from London, and we wrote together. And my son was five-and-a-half months old, and I just breastfed, and he trumped everything, his needs were number one, and we wrote between those times.”

“Havoc and Bright Lights” is in stores now. An official “American Idol” announcement should be coming any day now, but considering how many names have been thrown around, who knows if Morissette will be one of the judges.

Posted by:Jean Bentley