alcatraz finale sarah tommy 'Alcatraz' finale: What's behind the warden's door?“Alcatraz” fans, get ready for a doozy of a finale. In tonight’s two-hour conclusion to the first season of the time-bending drama, we’ll finally get some answers about just what happened in 1963 and how the mysterious warden was involved.

Though FOX has not yet picked up “Alcatraz” for a Season 2, co-creator Stephen Lilien tells Zap2it that the writers weren’t afraid to leave us hanging. “We have a big cliffhanger,” he told us at WonderCon. “But we also have a lot of answers, so we’ll
answer a lot of the big questions, the biggest being what’s behind the
Warden’s door. We’ll open that door, we’ll see what’s inside.”

The secret room will hold clues to a potential arc for the second season, according to co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt. “Once you’re in through that door, new questions will be posed based off of what’s behind that door,” he explains.

The two-hour finale will give us the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the main characters’ lives and how they’ve been irrevocably altered by the ’63s appearance in modern San Francisco.

“Specifically, we obviously are going to have Rebecca and Tommy Madsen come face to face,” Wynbrandt says. “You’re going to get a real taste of Hauser and Lucy’s relationship, both present and past, which is something that we’ve been really excited about, and you’ll start to see that the moves we were making early on in the season will start to come back full circle.”

Tune in to FOX tonight at 8 p.m. to find out what’s behind the Warden’s door… and what Tommy wants from Rebecca.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie