alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: Be MineA Korean War vet named Paxton Petty is sent to Alcatraz after setting out multiple land mines around the San Francisco area. His motive? Revenge for not getting a medal after the war. All but the last of his mines has been found and it’s a case Hauser has been trying to solve since he was a baby-faced cop. When Petty shows up in the present day, he picks up right where he left off. Thanks to Lucy’s interrogation techniques back in 1960, they know that Petty mentions the location of his mines in old song lyrics. Hauser sends Doc and Rebecca to what he figures will be Petty’s third target, while he himself confronts Petty at his more imminent target. Hauser manages to step on one of Petty’s mines, but has the presence of mind not to step off of it. He ends up stuck there for hours, not able to move his foot off the trigger mechanism.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Doc catch Petty when he finally shows up at that third target. He says he’ll give up Hauser’s location in exchange for information. It turns out that Petty has no idea why or how he was brought to 2012. For him, it feels like only a week has passed. They have no info for him, but Rebecca figures out where Hauser is, anyway. Hauser is saved, but a cute and fun bomb squad guy dies in his place. Boo! Hauser shoots Petty in the leg and gets the location of that old, final land mine. In the end, Hauser goes to visit a still-comatose Lucy in the hospital. Since the modern-day docs aren’t helping her any, he snatches her up and brings her to Dr. Beauregard in the forest prison. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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