alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: Finally, the Finale5,000,000 things happened in this episode. It’s difficult to judge yet if they were interesting or relevant. Some of them may have actually happened in the previous episode. It’s hard to sort things out when they insist on showing two episodes in one night. Time compression is hell on Alcatraz inmates and recappers alike.

1960: Warden James and some unknown scientist give Tommy back his blood, having added silver and other mysterious things to it. He survives the process and the Warden takes him on a nice day out and about Nob Hill. This isn’t out of the kindness of his heart, mind you, but because Dr. Scientist is testing out how well Tommy can be tracked by the silver in his blood. Even with 1960 technology, they can pinpoint his exact locations. We also get some of the backstory on “Ghost” from the previous episode, who earned his nickname by being declared officially dead during a failed escape attempt. (The island kept pulling him back. Sounds familiar.) Tommy, realizing he’s hopelessly under the Warden’s thumb, shoos brother Ray from Alcatraz.

2012: Looking for protection, Ghost checks himself into a mental institution. Tommy kidnaps a doctor and coerces her to get him inside. Ghost decides to kill himself rather than hand over the key. Before Tommy can search him for it, Rebecca and the team show up. There’s a pretty awesome car chase that ends with Rebecca catching Tommy. Her victory is brief, though, because then he stabs her in the gut. Meanwhile, Doc has found the key, but he chooses to stay with Rebecca in the hospital rather than find out what’s beyond that secret door. It’s a good thing, too, because it’s kind of a letdown. Hauser finds clunky old computers, a tracking map and Dr. Scientist. He’s groggy, but otherwise fine, and definitely not the mutated mole-man this recapper was hoping for.

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