alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: Killer by TillerThe present-day plot feels like filler. The really interesting bits happen in the 1960 flashbacks that hint at the growing philosophical divide between Warden James and Deputy Tiller. James feels the prisoners can be converted. Tiller, too, believes they can be converted, but in the “into a more effective predator” sense. Case in point: a newbie prisoner named Sonny Burnett. On the outside, Sonny was a nonviolent kidnapper who managed to stash away a big chunk of ransom money. On the inside, he tries to use this money to buy himself protection with one of the population’s toughs. When the money can’t be found, the tough nearly kills poor, wimpy Sonny. Sonny realizes someone has taken his money Tiller takes it upon himself to become Sonny’s life coach and helps chisel him into a tougher, crazier, deadlier criminal.

Sonny shows up in the present day to seek revenge against the one who betrayed him. She’s a woman named Helen, who was just a teenager when Sonny long ago kidnapped her. Back then, she pretended to love him in order to gain his trust, then took his money when he went to prison. So Sonny abducts her husband and mutilates him, then buries her daughter alive in the same field in which he’d hidden the money. The A-Team catches Sonny and rescues the daughter, but that honestly all feels like filler.

In the subplots, Dr. Beauregard has found that the blood of some of the returned ’63s has special healing properties. This puts Hauser on the search to find the right blood type to heal Lucy. In other special blood news, both Hauser and Rebecca are keener than ever to find Tommy Madsen. Rebecca doesn’t even mind when it involves spying on Uncle Ray. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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