alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: Smooth CriminalOne of the missing 63s is a bank thief named Cal Sweeney. He’s handsome, conniving and he shows up in modern San Fransisco with a mission he doesn’t quite understand. He robs multiple banks, but it’s the safe deposit boxes he hits and not the vaults. He does this by romancing a few lady tellers who willingly turn off the security cameras so they can commence nookie undetected. Cal just drugs his unwitting and unfulfilled accomplices, then makes off with the goods.

When Doc and Rebecca go over the details of the case, they realize that Cal is going after female tellers who are “average-looking” and 45-50 years old. They are neither of these things, but we’ll have to suspend our disbelief. This leads the A-Team to Cal’s next target, but things go south pretty quickly and Cal ends up taking a whole bunch of people hostage. Rebecca then has to sneak into the bank, convince Cal she’s there to help him and then sneak him back out. As they’re making their escape, Rebecca uncovers one of the items Cal has stolen. It’s another one of those big mystery keys. He says he has no idea why he was told to steal it. When he tries to turn the tables on Rebecca, she foils him with his own lack of seatbelt knowledge. (To be explained.)

In the flashbacks, we see Cal running the black market in Alcatraz. He has a young, eager prot�g� named Harlan who learns from him very quickly. Deputy Tiller wants a cut of the shady dealings; when Cal refuses, Tiller steals a small tin box from Cal’s cell. This is a trifling but important memento of Cal’s past and he eventually agrees to Tiller’s demands in exchange for the box’s return. Alas, all his wheeling and dealing lands him in the hole, and it was all for nothing because it turns out Harlan is the one who stole the box. He plans to take over the operation while Cal is in solitary. Harlan so impresses Warden James that he takes the young man to meet someone very important… someone who is hidden behind a heavy door that only unlocks by using both the mysterious keys. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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