alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: The Future is NowAnother of the 63s — a poison and chemistry expert named Johnny McKee — shows up in 2012. He hates bullies, but he also kind of just hates guys in general. Rebecca and team notice that most of his victims are men, including the 70 or so former classmates he killed at his high school reunion. In the present day, he takes up a jobs where he has his pick of victims. First, he works as a bartender and then poisons several guys who order him around and just act like all-around *******s. Next, he takes a job at a fancy spa, where he doses the pool water with poison after one customer is especially rude to him.

The team is alerted to his reappearance when a video of his bar killings goes viral. They track him down by interviewing his former neighbor Jack Sylvane (yay!), finding where he’s buying his poisons and then to his freshly-abandoned makeshift lab. Eventually, they intercept him in the subway, where they foil his plan to gas a car full of men with phosgene.

In the flashbacks, Lucy tries to help Johnny. At first he’s reticent, but she presses on. The girl that he’s been talking up as his sweetheart was actually the girl who humiliated him in front of a gym full of boys. They pelted him with firecrackers, one of which blew off a testicle and made him kind of bitter about the scrotally complete.

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