alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: The Legend of Hurley's GoldHerman and Pinky Ames were known for flashy heists back in the day. They spent much of their stint on Alcatraz trying to track down a rumored stash of Civil War gold. This involved an elaborate scheme to steal and copy the Warden’s giant keys, since the brothers believed said keys would unlock the treasure vault. Alas, young Ray Archer caught onto their plan and the brothers were apprehended in mid-attempt. Not that they would have succeeded anyway, seeing as how the giant keys weren’t for the vault at all.

The brothers reappear in 2012 to resume their search. Because the A-Team is crap for security and planning, the brothers easily kill one of the Sub-Hub engineers and then abduct Doc when they find out he’s an Alcatraz expert. Doc is mostly terrified, but also a little bit intrigued, because he hopes to finally figure out how the brothers managed to stage their original attempt. As it turns out, they had a prison guard named Donovan on their side. Donovan has also reappeared in the present to pose as a park ranger and once again help the brothers. Rebecca catches on pretty quickly and sets out to rescue Doc. She and Hauser take down the brothers, but Donovan makes it all the way to the vault. He blasts it open with dynamite and finds… absolutely nothing.

The legend of the treasure seems to be nothing more than that until a flashback shows Warden James canoodling with the gold in a Scrooge-McDuck-like fervor. Also, Hauser seems to think that the good Warden might be the one controlling the returned inmates. More scenes with Jonny Coyne would be the real treasure. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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