alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: The Long, Long, Long ConThe 1960 portion of the show has Warden James striking a deal with an English inmate named Garrett Stillman. Stillman loves games and planned all his crimes as if they were chess matches, moving the pieces and thinking several moves ahead. That’s just why the Warden needs him to steal, forge and switch the parole board’s ruling against Harlan. (He’s the pipsqueak who outsmarted Cal Sweeney a while back so he could take over the contraband operation in the prison laundry.) The Warden wants Harlan off Alcatraz and, through a very complex series of machinations, he gets his way. Harlan is grateful for his freedom, though he clearly has no idea the price he’ll be expected to pay some day.

In the present day, Stillman shows up and steals several armored trucks. They’re just a decoy to keep the cops and the Alcatraz team off his back. In reality, he’s stealing the third and final key to the mystery room beneath the lighthouse. He doesn’t say outright who he’s ultimately working for, but the implication is that it’s the Warden. (Although if it’s the Warden, why wouldn’t he still have his own keys?) His “handler” is Tommy Madsen, who shows up to retrieve the key. He’s too late, though, because some other inmate (nickname: Ghost) kills Stillman and absconds with the loot. Rebecca and the gang are always one step behind.

In other happenings, Lucy has rejoined the team, Harlan is a crazy old recluse who owns a billion-dollar bank, and time-travel (or whatever the hell it is) has bittersweet consequences. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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